Welcome to the Stream Project’s Blog.   Over the next few months we hope to keep you informed and entertained about what we are doing and how we are going to do it. There will be successes but there will, no doubt, be a few failures along the way as that is life. We aim to ‘blog’ at least once a week and there will hopefully be some good pictures to go along too.

We have done lots of research on the valley and its history (thank you if you supplied us with any information), hired engineers, archaeologists and have spoken to over 20 organisations to ensure that everyone is happy with the project details. Planning permission is the next step and we are waiting to hear if we have been successful.

Witcombe valley is steep sided and naturally lends itself to having a small stream run through it. It is there at the moment but 250 metres of it is underground. Over the coming months, we will dig out the medieval pond with the help of archaeologist Alan Graham and clear out the stream that is above ground.   An exploratory dig under Alan’s watchful eye has already turned up some medieval finds; mainly pottery, oyster shell and burned bones.

Around June we can hopefully begin work in earnest and create a lasting feature; One, which all the local community can enjoy for years to come. We will also have lots of volunteering opportunities along the way and if you would like to get involved with the practical side (digging, landscaping, planting etc.) please drop me an Email at paul.mcneill@southsomerset.gov.uk and I will put you on the mailing list.