Audio Trails There are two audio trails at Ham Hill Country Park, which include fascinating facts about the wildlife, history and geology of the hill. These trails are free to download for of short mp3 tracks, straight to an mp3 device. To discover where the routes of the two audio trails go, have a look at the audio trail map.

Headphones Thumbnail Trail 1 Northern Spur  
  Ham Hill Centre
  Prince of Wales  
  Old Quarry Face  
  Stone Circle  
  Victorian Spoil Heaps  
  War Memorial  
  Frying Pan Earthworks  
  Iron Age Rampart  
  Interpretation Panel  
Headphones Thumbnail Trail 2 Plateau Fields  
  Ham Hill Centre  
  The Timestones  
  Stroud's Meadow West  
  Stroud's Meadow West Wildlife  
  The Warren Fields  
  Looking Into Witcome Valley  
  Butchers Hill  
  Deep Quarry  


The map is ideal for printing off and using alongside the directions that are given on each track.