Here are some of the questions we are most frequently asked by our visitors. If you still have any questions please contact us.

Can I hold an event in the reservoir?

Please complete an application form and we aim to get back to you within two weeks.

Can I walk my dog at the reservoir?

Please see map for restricted area.

The edge of the woodland area that is marked ‘no dogs’ on the map, is a no dogs zone. We manage Chard Reservoir Local Nature Reserve for the benefit of wildlife and people and we try to cater for as many leisure activities as possible, including dog walkers, bird watchers, anglers and families. The area that is a no dogs zone is where the swims are located for the Chard & District Angling club to use. Allowing dogs in this area would cause great disturbance to the anglers who have paid to fish at the reservoir. This area of woodland & reedbed is also home to small mammals, birds and reptiles; dogs would cause a great disturbance to them. It is a very narrow section of the nature reserve so there just isn’t the space for wildlife, dogs and anglers along this stretch.


Can I fly my drone in the park?

The use of drones on SSDC countryside sites is prohibited. This is for a number of reasons but chiefly because most of our land is designated for open public access. We feel it only appropriate that all visitors should be able to make use of the countryside for recreation without unknowingly, and without their permission, being filmed or being put in danger of a collision with a drone being flown by an inexperienced operator.

If you wish to fly a drone at one of our countryside sites (Yeovil Country Park, Ham Hill Country Park, Chard Reservoir LNR, Moldrams Ground LNR, Eastfield LNR or Sampsons Wood in Yeovil) as part of a specific film project then you must make contact with us to discuss it first. Please refer to the filming guidelines on the SSDC website .It should be noted that all of Yeovil is a no fly zone and that at other countryside sites there are further land owner permissions that must be granted where SSDC is not the sole owner. Each approach will be considered and if your project is for commercial gain then a fee will be applied.

Is kayaking allowed on the reservoir?

We do not allow kayaking, or any kind of crafts on the water at our reservoir site, for a couple of reasons. The reservoir is a local nature reserve, and although this designation does not exclude boating, its small size does mean that we do not have the physical space to accommodate the anglers, boats and protected space for wildlife. In the agreement that gifted the site to the District Council, we are legally bound to offer angling opportunities throughout the year.

It would also be difficult to allow kayaking because the water quality on site is poor, a number of sewer outlets from the town have direct overflows into the reservoir.

What do countryside events cost?

The countryside team try and secure grant income to enable them to run events on a free or cost recovery basis. However for some sessions we need to make a charge; our scale of charges is detailed below. All events are clearly advised as free or with a price per place. If you book the Countryside Rangers to deliver a private event or session for your group, at our Countryside Sites, our charges are detailed below. Some of our work incurs a standard rated VAT charge and this is included in the calculations below. Please note that the cost of a place on an advertised play scheme may be higher than the minimum charge cited below if the event incurs higher materials costs. We will always strive to keep our charges as low as we can.

Fees and Charges